Make the World Prettier Marbly Mug

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About the Make the World Prettier Marbly Mug

I alone cannot change the world, but I can sure as heck make it prettier. 

about this mug

I hope this adorable marbly mug serves as beautiful reminder to you or a loved one that you have been gifted a certain portion of this earth to make more beautiful than you found it! And, my friend, you have what it takes to do just that! This mug is printed in pretty matte gold on both sides so you can enjoy it whether or not you decide to switch hit that particular morning.

  • Fine art reproduction of Lindsay's original artwork.
  • Proudly made – just for you – in the USA!
  • All artwork ©Lindsay Sherbondy. All rights reserved.
  • Product photography ©LARK Photography.

About the artist

Lindsay Sherbondy is a painter, calligrapher, graphic designer and authenticity-advocate that believes you are worthy of meaningful art! She started Lindsay Letters (accidentally) in 2009, and has been working (intentionally) at creating beautiful and meaningful works for you to love & make your own ever since.


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